Hi and Welcome to the Apps Page. The following apps are available now or coming soon.

GeoMap Updater

The Happy Prospector

  • This has been developed for IOS and Android devices, and provides Gold Prospectors in Western Australia with real time positional information using their smart phone or tablet device (IOS or Android) to show their current position on a basic outdoors/topographical map with the ability to overlay the Western Australian Department of Mines Tenement Data so the user knows if they are on a live or pending tenement. This makes the user’s smartphone/tablet a powerful tool to know exactly where they are on the ground in relation to Mining, Prospecting or Exploration tenements, giving the user the confidence to know that they are prospecting legally.

The Happy Prospector Professional

  • This is an advanced version of the Happy Prospector due for release in Q2 2017, which adds significant additional features, including viewing Gold Mines, GPS Tracking, Way Points.