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The Happy Prospector Pro for Apple IOS (Iphone & Ipad) is NOW available

Now available from the Itunes App store.

The Happy Prospector Pro version for Apple IOS was released today.


Real time position information, using device GPS


Tenement Overlay

Tenement details pop up.

Basic Tracking Function.

The Happy Prospector Pro by BlueApps Happy Prospector Pro by BlueApps




Accessing The Happy Prospector Menu

If you don’t get the menu buttons on the Top RHS then you may need to use the phone Menu button which is normally the LHS touch or button on the bottom of the phone.


Time to Update Your Early Version of GeoMap Updater.

Due to changes the DMP has made to their website and Data & Software system some early versions of GeoMap Updater May no longer work.

We are currently working on an upgrade path for users who are affected by the DMP’s changes, which we have NO control over.



Basic but Brilliant

Read the Feedback

Update to The Happy Prospector Released

Version 1.0.6 of the Happy Prospector has been released which addresses bugs found on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy TAB S2 reporting the App has stopped and not displaying the map.

When using the App i fringe areas we recommend that you switch to device to flight mode to force the use of offline maps.

Happy Prospecting

What Does The Updater Program Cost

The cost for the Updater program is $40.  This is a single purchase licence.  The App will work without any updates providing the DMP do not restructure their website again.

There is no ongoing cost to using the App unless the DMP website changes and the App requires a new version  / rewrite.

Some Quick Feedback from a User

Subject: the happy prospector app.

Great idea for an app. Ive got it an used it this week.

Orientation – my tablet is set up on my visor in my car and it does not rotate which is a pain
(from Admin – The map now displays in Landscape)

An “always up” function would be great so the map rotates as you drive (like oziexplorer)
(from Admin – Did try that in dev but had too many issues due to the amount of data being processed)

The zoom function button needs to be bigger as when driving it is very fiddly to change zoom.
(from Admin – Your not supposed to be using it when driving)

Possibly a better base map ??
(from Admin – Working on it)

Can’t wait for the tenement upgrade with tenement ID’s. I just hope the are clear and large.
(from Admin – They will be)

Well done

New DMP Data and Software Site Released

WA Department of Mines and Petroleum have updated their Data and Software site, which means we have released an updated version of The Happy Prospector and are also working on a new version of the GeoMap Updater Program to work with the new format.

Happy Prospector App on Galaxy Tab

Here’s a couple of screen shots of the App running on the Galaxy Tab, testing the advanced feature ability to turn the GPS track on and off. This will be available by subscription in the upcoming weeks.

happyprospector048 happyprospector066





The Happy Prospector Now Available on Google Play Store

Here’s the Link to download “the Happy Prospector” App