Happy Prospector App set to be released

Blue Apps are pleased to announce that the Android version of the Happy Prospector is due to be released Nov 26 2016.


Written specifically for Prospectors in Western Australia the App turns your mobile device into a powerful bit of kit allowing you to see your exact location on your device against the latest Mining Tenements.


Updating is as easy as selecting an option from the menu.


Here’s some screenshots from the App.

hp-offlinemap offline-hp-tenements tenement-hp-colours

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  1. robert madaffari says:

    Hi there can you please let me know when this app becomes available for android. Will it work without cell reception??


    • admin says:

      Hi Rob,

      We are expecting to have the Android version available around the end of this month, and the IOS version available by Mid to late January all going well.

      We just in the final stages of testing the Android version, with the IOS version still undergoing further development.

      Thanks for the interest in the app.

      The app will only require mobile reception or a WiFi hot spot for internet access to update the data files.

      Displaying the tenements will work totally off line once you have a data file downloaded.

      As the Tenement Data changes every day you will need to update the file on a regular basis to maintain the data integrity.


    • admin says:

      Hi Rob,

      The app is now available on the Google Play Store.



  2. Peter says:

    Well done it should be a winner?
    The inevitable question; “What will it cost?


  3. admin says:

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the interest in the Happy Prospector App.

    Things are going to be tight as we are still making slight improvements to the App, but we still believe we are on schedule to release the Android version this weekend, if its not uploaded to the Google Play Store by Monday then it won’t be far away.

    The IOS version is taking a while longer and will probably be released mid Q1 of 2017.

    Pricing has been the centre of much discussion both with our beta testers and others who have had the opportunity to view the app during the development stage.

    Most testers have indicated that they would happily pay a much higher price than what we are looking at charging simply to get the ease of use and functionality it provides on a mobile device.

    The intended price structure will be an annual subscription in the range of $20 – $25 which is about $2 per month.

    We did look at the possibility of simply selling the app for a higher fixed price, but whilst that would have short term cash-flow gains it would not fund ongoing development and improvement of the App.

    The initial release version is quite functional, and does pretty much everything we set out for it to do and a bit more. Having said that as development and testing has progressed we have already identified enhancements that we would like to incorporate into future releases. Once it is in the hands of a few more users we expect that we will get further feedback on improvements that can be made, and where possible if the suggested improvements are feasible and worthwhile we will try and incorporate them into future releases.

    One thing to remember, is that the App is NOT a replacement for GeoMap or GeoView, it is designed simply be a tool in the prospectors pocket to enable them to easily check their location against the stored tenement data without having to drag a laptop out of the car. It does this without having to have a any knowledge about: How to download, load or configure Tenement data files, phone file systems, or upload and configure files for handheld GPS units etc. There is no requirement for the user to convert or configure any files, that is all handled by the App behind the scenes.

    We hope that you will give it a go and look forward to your feedback.



  4. Peter Gohl says:


    does the payment of an annual fee allow for purchasers to download any new program updates that may be released during the year.

    Perhaps the program might even identify if an update is available and “automagically” download it??

    Good work Kurk (I think it’s Kurk…)

    Peter G

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