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  1. Josh Marmion says:

    Unhappy Prospector!

    I paid 20 dollars for this App and it doesn’t work. I try and update the data and the App ‘unfortunately stops’. Any ideas how to get it to work or how do I get my money back?

    • admin says:

      Hi Josh,

      Not sure why its not working mate, we’ve had a couple of devices with crash reports, and are working thru them to find solutions.

      There is a new version out to fix the problem caused by the DMPchanging their website layout so the files don’t exist anymore where they used to.

      I can do a refund no problem at all.

      Just send me an email to support@blueapps.com.au with the google play Order ID Number and I can do the refund.

      I would much rather find out why its not working tho. If you’ve got a gmail account I’m happy to add you to the beta testers list so you can try the new versions that we are testing different things trying to fix crashes.

      In the Top RHS of the screen are 3 vertical dots, this is the android menu symbol if you touch that you should get a drop down menu like below.

      Happy Prospector Menu Location


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