The Happy Prospector Now Available on Google Play Store

Here’s the Link to download “the Happy Prospector” App



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  1. justine Reid says:

    I have just gone online to download paid for the happy prospector app has not uploaded to my hp computer, where could it have gone not downloading to my phone download not successful. what I wanted to buy was geo map program

    • admin says:

      Hi Justine,

      The Happy prospector App is the android only app that allows you to view WA tenements overlaid over the state as well as your position. So it will only work on an Android device (phone or tablet)

      The tenement update program is purchased directly from us not via the web as it needs to be installed and configured.

      I will try and get a downloadable version on the site in the next few months, but am currently focused on the apps for ISO and Android.

      If you are in Perth you can contact me to arrange to get it installed, or I send you a link for you to download it.


    • jussie says:

      Thanks Kurk password is working, see you Saturday 29 at Cue, 11am
      Cheers Justine

  2. Peter Gohl says:


    does the payment of an annual fee allow for purchasers to download any new program updates that may be released during the year or future years?

    Perhaps the program might even identify if an update is available and “automagically” download it??

    Good work Kurk (I think it’s Kurk…)

    Peter G

    • admin says:

      Hi Peter,

      The subscription option is available as yet. Any new program updates of the App are provided at no cost once you have purchased it until we have to do a MAJOR update at some point. Most likely I would say not predicted in the foreseeable future.
      Normally when you log into the app store your phone or tablet will tell you if there is a newer version of the app available to download.

      The subscription option when we turn it on will give users access to a lot more features. This is the preferred option rather than having a basic version and a pro version of the program, as the ongoing subscriptions will help fund the further development and improvement of the App.



  3. Jamie Thornton says:

    Hi, I have purchased the Happy prospector app from Google play however every time I select display maps the app stops. Any suggestions as to why this is? Android samsung galaxy edge.

    • admin says:

      Hi Jamie,

      Can email me on with your contact details and I’ll give you a call.

      We have had a couple of crashes which we are trying to resolve, so I need to know a bit more information.

      Does it do it when you are online and off line or only offline?

  4. jussie says:

    Hi Kurk, spoke with you last week in regards to your software Geomaps updates and I am to see you in Cue on the 29th . I was wondering if you still sell the laptops, and if you do I would be interested in purchasing one from you, with both the Geomaps masters and your updates loaded and any other software that would enhance my detector experience. If you can do all that what would be the cost all up and could I collect it from you at Cue on the 29th? Also could I bring my other HP laptop in so you could tell me why my GPS will not work in geo maps.
    Kind Regards
    Justine Reid.

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